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lost chord
Biography of Derek Bailey
by Carol Dallaire.

PDF format - 1716 pages.
Due to its size the PDF is now available
only through Megaupload.
Click on image to download.
A glimpse of the Incus archive. Derek Baileys guitar notes
Derek Bailey's Guitar Notes.
A Glimpse of the Incus Archive.
by Dominic Lash.
View or download PDF - 6 pages.
Lot74 notes by Martin Daviason
Lot74 - Derek Bailey, solo guitar,
notes by Martin Davidson.

“Thinking about Lot 74 brought back lots of memories,
which I decided to write down.”
Martin Davidson (2008)
View or download PDF.
More74 notes by Alex Ward
More 74, Derek Bailey,
solo improvisations.

Liner notes by Alex Ward
View or download PDF.
Company Returns
report by John Eyles
View or download PDF.
concert in milwaukee
Concert in Milwaukee,
Derek Bailey,
solo guitar.
Liner notes by George E Lewis
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