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From the Store CD-R series. Please note; all the CD-Rs which are available from “The Store series” are in WAV file format. WAV files do not use data compression and are truer to the character of the sound, but they use more memory. Since MP3 files use data compression, they do not use nearly as much memory. For example, ordinary audio CD tracks are 16-bit, 44.1 kHz WAV files. A 3.5 minute track uses about 35 MB of space when copied to a hard drive. The same track converted to a 128 kbps MP3 file uses only about 3.2 MB.
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from the Store series

Visitors Book CD, domestic recording, Derek Bailey and other players.
Visitors Book price

1. Visitors Book

Domestic recordings, no-fi recording quality, 6 tracks.
Derek Bailey with; Antoine Berthioume electric guitar; Ingar Zach percussion; Tony Bevan bass saxophone; Will Gaines tapdance; Oren Marshall tuba; John Butcher tenor saxophone; Sonic Pleasure bricks; THF Drenching dictophone & Alex Ward clarinet.

Catalogue No. ST1

Live at Lamar's CD, The Shaking Ray Levis with Derek Bailey.
Live at Lamars price

2. Live at Lamar's

THE SHAKING RAY LEVIS with Derek Bailey.
3 tracks recorded at Lamar's Chattanooga 1999

Cat.No. ST2

Barbarian CD, Derek Bailey, Pat Thomas and Steve Noble.
Barbarian price

3. Barbarian

Derek Bailey guitar;
Pat Thomas electronics;
Steve Noble tirntables.

Cat.No. ST3

In Concert & Studio CD, Derek Bailey and Robyn Shulkowsky recorded in London 1998.
In Concert price

4. With Robin Shulkowsky in Concert & Studio

Derek Bailey electric guitar;
Robyn Shulkowsky percussion.
Recorded in concert London & studio November 1998

Cat.No. ST4

Howdy CD recorded Barcelona 2004 with Derek Bailey and Christopher Williams.
Howdy price

5. Howdy

Derek Bailey electric guitar;
Christopher Williams contrabass .

Recorded Barcelona 2004.

Cat.No. ST5

Songs CD with Otto Fischer guitar bass and voice, 2004.
Songs price


Otto Fischer guitar, bass & voice.
Recorded 2004

Cat.No. ST6

Under Tracy's Bed
Songs price

7. Under Tracy's Bed

Tony Bevan bass saxopnone & Derek Bailey electric guitar
Live duo concert recorded as part of LIVE @ MODERN ART OXFORD at the Modern Art Museum Oxford 28th November 2002

The recording quality of this CD-R is lo-fi however, its musical qualities make it a necessary addition to the Incus From the Store series.Originally released on the Foghorn label in 2003

Cat.No. ST7


from the Store series: solo guitar

Solo recordings from Derek Bailey, different times, different places, all previously unissued.

Appleyard Files CD. Things to know about Charlie Appleyard.
Appleyard Files price

1. Appleyard Files

Things you may wish to know about Charlie Appleyard.
5 tracks

Cat.No. SG1

Chats CD, a collection of pieces by Derek Bailey.
visitors book price

2. Chats

A collection of talking/playing pieces by Derek Bailey
from different times and of varied provenance.
13 tracks

Cat.No. SG2

In Church CD recorded in Holland 1994 and London 2001.
In Church price

3. In Church

Recorded Holland 1994, London 2001.

Cat.No. SG3

South CD recorded Miami and Orlando 1999.
South price

4. South

Recorded Miami & Orlando 1999. 3 tracks

Cat.No. SG4

Different Guitars CD, Derek Bailey on Martin D18, Gibson Super 400 and 19 strings.
Different Guitars price

5. Different Guitars

19 string 1970's - 5 tracks;
Martin D18 1987-1 track;
Gibson Super 400 1992 - 2 tracks.

Cat.No. SG5

Filmed CD, audio tracks for Anthony Howell's video magazine.
Filmed price

6. Filmed

Audio tracks for Anthony Howell's video magazine.
Grey Suit recorded Cardiff 1993.

Cat.No. SG6

At The Sidecar CD, live recording at G's club Barcelona 2004.
At the Sidecar price

7. At The Sidecar

Live recording at G's Club,
Placa Reial, Barcelona,
February 2004 solo electric guitar

Also available in DVD

Then CD, 3 continous tracks, electric, acoustic and voice.
Then price

8. Then

3 continuous tracks :
1972 stereo electric guitar / 1974 19 string /
1980 acoustic and voice.