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Incus CD63
Tony Oxley
Birthday Tribute
- 75 Years

Recorded by Tony Oxley
Edited & mastered by Karsten Lehl
Cover painting by Tony Oxley
Design/layout Elin Burgess & Damian Burgess

Tony Oxley drums, percussion.
Derek Bailey guitar.
Pat Thomas keyboards.
Matt Wand sampler.
Paul Rutherford trombone, electronics.
Phillip Wachsmann violin.
Ian Brighton guitar.

A Birthday Tribute : 
75 Years by John Eyles
View the article here:
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1) Colour Fields 29:09 1993 live
2) Urban Forms 4:21 1993 live
Derek Bailey guitar, Pat Thomas keyboards, Matt Wand sampler,
Tony Oxley drums, percussion.
3) Kelson 7:19 1977 live Tony Oxley live amplified percussion, Paul Rutherford trombone, electronics.
4) The Earth Sounds 14:15 1977 live Phillip Wachsmann violin, Ian Brighton guitar, Tony Oxley amplified percussion.
5)Times 5:54 1977 live Tony Oxley live percussion, solo electronics. Tracks 4 & 5 were recorded tempo natural 1977


milwaukee price

Incus DVD03
MTT Live Performance

Chief editor and video recording :    Riza Adrian
Online editing : Ruddy HatumenaSound recording : Nao Nishihara Sound reinforcement : Tsutomu    Sudo, MORGUE - sha
Post production sound mixing :    Nasrizal
Lighting design : Ami Tanaka
Stage decorators : Keishi Suzuki,    RAN
Liner notes : Kazue Kobata
Design & layout : Susie Barnes

Special thanks to Dance Hakushu whose generosity of spirit made this release possible.
Min Tanaka dance
Toshinori Kondo electronic trumpet
Toshi Tsuchitori drums & voice
Live performance at Dance Hakushu Forest Stage, August 18, 2006 Hakushu Town, Yamanashi, Japan.

Running time : 45' 55”

Produced and presented by Dance Resources on Earth & Dance Hakushu 2006 Committee


Incus Records is proud to present this stunning live performance of the MTT trio.

The Dance Hakushu Festival in the farming village of Hakushu, 800m high in the mountains of Yamnashi Prefecture is a unique event and this DVD captures these three formidable artists bringing their individual qualities into play to create a dynamic and electrifing whole.


milwaukee price

Incus CD62
Concert in Milwaukee

Transferred and restored from the original cassette by Dave Hunt.
Liner Notes: George E Lewis.. Design, layout Susie Barnes. Produced by Steve Beresford. Executive producer: Karen Brookman.
Thanks to all who made this release possible.

Derek Bailey
solo guitar

Recorded on 31st March at Woodland Pattern, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.A. Originally released on cassette in 1983.

Concert in Milwaukee
liner notes,
see writings page


E in the titles refers to electric
and A refers to acoustic

1. 8E........................ 8.23
2. 21A................... 20.59
3. 15E................... 15.33
4. 9A..................... 10.17
Total running time 55 : 12


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Incus Cassette MC1
Concert in Milwaukee

Recorded 31 March 1983 at Woodland Pattern, Milwaukee, Winsconsin, USA. Originally released on cassette in 1983, a number of these original cassettes were sold via the Incus 
website in 2010.
These copies MC1 CONCERT IN MILWAUKEE transferred and restored by Dave Hunt.
Please read backstory...........

Derek Bailey, solo guitar : Track details same as CD62

In 1983 Derek Bailey was due to visit Japan for a concert tour and decided to take with him, for sale at the concerts, a cassette recorded live in Milwaukee. Approximately 500 cassettes were prepared and dispatched to the promoter in Japan but, in the event, the tour fell through and the cassettes were returned to England. On arriving to collect the two boxes containing the cassettes from the Post Office Derek found that they were badly damaged and, having to pay to re-gain them, decided to collect only one of the parcels. These cassettes - number not known, but probably around 150 - were subsequently sold at other live dates. All were produced on a light-grey plastic cassette body with 'CONCERT IN MILWAUKEE, DEREK BAILEY' plus date of concert, printed in
light-blue directly on the cassette body.
Peter Stubley in conversation with Derek Bailey

milwaukee set
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Incus SP2
Concert in Milwaukee Set
CD62 and Cassette MC1


old sights new sounds
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Incus CD61
Old Sights,New Sounds

Recorded at Incus HQ London. 14th October 2010.

Producer, Karen Brookman/ Recording & mastering, Alex Ward/ Photography, Elin Eriksen & Damian Burgess/ Illustration, Elin Eriksen
Design&Layout, Susie Barnes

Lol Coxhill / Alex Ward
Lol Coxhill, soprano saxophone.
Alex Ward, clarinet

Review - Jazzword


1.Establishing Shot.. . . . . . . .7:02
2.Back Story.. . . . . . . . . . . . 7:53
3.Angle On. . . . . . . . . . . . . ..4:07
4.Slug Line. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8:51
5.Tight On. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4:39
6.Pull Back. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5:08
7.Disslove. . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 5:03

Total running time. . . . . .42:43


dvd01 from The Barcelna Chronicles

Incus CD60
More 74

Derek Bailey
solo improvisations.

Previously unissued solos from 1974.
Transferred from two reels of quarter-inch tape by Dave Hunt. Edited and restored by Dave Hunt and Martin Davidson. Liner Notes: Alex Ward.Design : Karen Brookman & Susie Barnes. Photograph : Jak Kilby. Produced by Steve Beresford. Executive producer: Karen Brookman.Thanks to all who made this release possible.

REVIEW : Unearthed Gem
The New York City Jazz Record

All music recorded in London in 1974, as far as we know.
TRACKS 1-3, 7-10 probably recorded by Martin Davidson at his house in Catford.
4,11-13 probably recorded by Bob Woolford. 5-6: provenance unknown.
7-10 are probably the first version, 1-3 the second, of the piece on 'Lot 74' entitled 'Lot 74'.
13 is probably the first version of the piece on the Incus CD 'Lot 74' entitled 'In Joke'.

More 74 liner notes,
by Alex Ward
see writings page


1.Catford part 1 6:38
2.Catford part 2 9:54
3.Catford part 3 2:48
4.Wrong Number 2:44
5.Provenance Unknown 1 5:40
6.Provenance Unknown 2 5:42
7.Probably part 1 4:26
8.Probably part 2 4:53
9.Probably part 3 14:11
10.Probably part 4 1:51
11.Little Old Acoustic Guitar 1 1:10
12.Little Old Acoustic Guitar 2 0:46
13.I Remember The Early Seventies 4:56
1-10 stereo electric guitar
11-13 19-string (approx.) acoustic guitar
4, 11 & 13 voice


cd59 ducks palace
barcelona chronicles cd58 price

Incus CD59
The Ducks Palace
The Duck Baker Project

Tracks Improv 1 & 5 recorded at The Knitting Factory New York 1993
Tracks Improv 2,4 & 6 recorded London 2002
Track 3. The Blues recorded at the Outpost Alberquerque 2004
Track 7 Pavement Blues recorded at Tonic New York 2002

Duck Baker, guitar
Derek Bailey, guitar
Cyro Baptista, percussion
Roswell Rudd, trombone
John Zorn, alto saxophone

Duck Baker in duos & trios

Improv 1. with John Zorn & Cyro Baptista
Improv 2. with Derek Bailey
3. The Blues with Roswell Rudd
Improv 4. with Derek Bailey
Improv 5. with John Zorn & Cyro Baptista
Improv 6. with Derek Bailey
7. Pavement Blues with Roswell Rudd


dvd01 from The Barcelna Chronicles
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Incus DVD01
Barcelona Chronicles
Live at G's Club

Live solo concert
recorded February 2004

Derek Bailey
Derek Bailey, solo guitar.

Running time: 56:00

Previously issued on Incus 2004 “From the Store” CD-R solo guitar series. The complete solo concert is now available on DVD.


dvd02 from The Barcelna Chronicles
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Incus DVD02
Barcelona Chronicles
All Thumbs

The Rooftop Concert
Solo concert
recorded July 2004

Derek Bailey
Derek Bailey,
solo electric guitar.

Running time: 23:03

Filmed on a hot summer afternoon on a rooftop of a private apartment somewhere in the narrow streets of the Ribera district.


cd58 from The Barcelna Chronicles
barcelona chronicles cd58 price

Incus CD58
Barcelona Chronicles
A Silent Dance

Live concert
recording May 2005

Derek Bailey/Agusti Fernandez
Derek Bailey, electric guitar.
Agusti Fernandez, piano

Derek’s final public performance was a duo with Agusti Fernandez as part of a series of concerts “De Prop” which took place in one of Gaudi’s magnificent edifices “La Pedrera” on Passeig de Gracia.


Barcelona Cronicles special offer set

Incus SP1
Barcelona Chronicles Set
DVD01, DVD02, CD58

All 3 concerts
of 2004 and 2005

Derek Bailey, solo guitar

Derek Bailey, solo electric guitar

Derek Bailey, electric guitar
Agusti Fernandez, piano

The British free improvising guitarist Derek Bailey relocated to Barcelona in 2003.During his time in this vibrant city there were numerous musical meetings.These three recordings are released on Incus Records under the umbrella of "The Barcelona Chronicles". These recordings document Derek's new approach to his instrumentwhilst dealing with the complex and progressivelimitations caused by Motor Neurone Disease.