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False Face Society CD, recorded Moat Studios October 2000.
price of cd47

Incus CD47
False Face Society

Recorded Moat Studios, London 30th October 2000 by Lee Bowman

Layout & Design : Karen Brookman

Steve Noble/John Edwards/Alex Ward
Steve Noble, 4 piece drum set, cymbals & percussion.
John Edwards, double bass.
Alex Ward, electric guitar.

1. Red(5th). . . 7th (Blue) (9.07)
2. Episode No. 33 (5.35)
3. New (3.44)
4. False Face Society (5.02)
5. Trickster Tales (9.29)
6. Slow Night (5.46)
7. Deadeyed Jellyroll (8.49)
8. Eight (5.48)
9. Last Call (0.58)
10. Footnote Slim (3.52)


Acoustic Guitar Trio CD recorded Los Angeles 2000.
price of cd46

Incus CD46
Acoustic Guitar Trio

Recorded Los Angeles 2000

Layout & Design : Karen Brookman

Rod Poole/Nels Cline/
Jim McAuley
Rod Poole, acoustic guitar,
bowed guitar.
Nels Cline, acoustic guitars.
Jim McAuley, acoustic guitars.

1. Inclusive (8.54)
2. My You (9.21)
3. Extinguished By Rain (13.45)
4. SQqueeze Toy (3.41)
5. Web (3.28)
6. Seventeen Step (17.00)


Songs CD with Derek Bailey and Keiji Haino November 1996.
price of cd40

Incus CD40

Recorded November 1996

Cover Painting : Keiji Haino.
Layout design : Karen Brookman

Derek Bailey/Keiji Haino
Derek Bailey, guitar.
Keiji Haino, voice.

1. Yume ga ichiban muchi (2.19)
2. 25 No Seimeitai (2.43)
3. Aru Kanashika No Juni (4.41)
4. 2 To Mugen No Torjhiki (0.52)
5. Zen'i No Yokubo (1.14)
6. Boka Ga NeJirekireru To Ai (2.10)
7. Zureteyuku No Ha Watashi, Soretomo Ima (1.57)
8. Ten To Tomo Ni Ishoni Itagaru Shugo (0.54)
9. Egatai Kanashimi O Te Ni Ireta (1.25)
10. Chotto Burusu Ni Aisatsu (1.11)
11. Kotaerarenai Hazu Na No Ni (4.09)
12. Ichi O Tashikamete Kara (4.10)
13. Fukuzatsu To Iu Zurusa (4.19)
14. Tsumasaki Kara No Keikoku (2.17)
15. Kikiakasarerenaai Koto (2.27)
16. Massugu Tte Kore De ii No ? (5.22)


Joseph Holbrooke '98 CD, the artists first performance together since 1966.
price of cd40

Incus CD39
Joseph Holbrooke '98

First performance together since 1966
Recorded in the Stadgarten Cologne 1998

Layout design : Karen Brookman

Joseph Holbrooke
Derek Bailey, guitar.
Gavin Bryars, bass.
Tony Oxley, drums

1. Mining the Archive (16:14)
2. JH 98 - 2 (17:56)
3. Bob (3:20)


Registered Firm CD, recorded at The Blizzard Condition, Leeds 1996.
price of cd40

Incus CD33
Registered Firm

Recorded at The Blizzard Condition, Leeds on 14 June 1996.

Design and layout by SHF.

Fell + Morris
Paul Hession, drumset.
Alan Wilkinson, alto and baritone saxophones.
Simon H. Fell, double bass.
Joe Morris, guitar.

Registered firm (01.20)
Bows and buttons (13.07)
Spaceships are crap (04.22)
"You do mean Grouch Marx, don't you?" (01.53)
The Delius myth (14.02)
"If I've offended anyone, I apologize (12.35)
Piece of fish (06.07)


Conversations CD, recorded at Sonic Solutions 1997 with George E. Lewis and Bertram Turetzky.
price of cd32

Incus CD32

Recorded at Sonic Solutions on 26 November 1997.

Design and layout by Karen Brookman.

George E. Lewis/
Bertram Turetzky
George E. Lewis, trombone.
Bertram Turetzky, contrabass.

North country diatribe (03.25)
After dark (09.06)
Brief ballad (03.51)
Take one [with apologies to Paul Desmond] (05.10)
Blues for Lester B, (06.12)
J7+P3 (07.55)
Happy to you (07.54)
Random dynamics (06.22)
The ecumenical blues (04.12)


Takes Fakes and Dead She Dances CD, Derek Bailey on acoustic and electric guitars.
price of cd28

Incus CD31
Takes Fakes & Dead She Dances

Tracks 1 and 10 recorded at a solo concert given at Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham on 24 September 1997; Dead she dances is from Distant points, a book of poems by Peter Riley. Tracks 2-9 recorded in London in May 1997 and produced by Steve Beresford.

Design and layout by Karen Brookman.

Derek Bailey.

Derek Bailey: acoustic guitar
by Henner Hardenberger,
Gibson 175 electric guitar
included on track 10,
recitation on track 10.

Notts (13.11)
tba (02.10)
One damned thing... (03.12)
Opening title (01.57)
...after another (02.32)
It goes in, out, round, about (03.13)
This title and the following title (02.09)
Should be reversed (03.55)
Rabbit as seen by dog (01.37)
Dead she dances (07.32)


Trio Playing CD, recorded summer 1995 at UPS Studio London.
price of cd28

Incus CD 28
Trio Playing

Recorded summer 1995 at UPS Studio, London.

Cover by Karen Brookman.

Derek Bailey/John Butcher/Oren Marshall
Derek Bailey, acoustic and electric guitars.
John Butcher, soprano and tenor saxophones.
Oren Marshall, tuba.

Oren Marshall: tuba
Abode to (07.32)
Out of the deep (09.24)
Room for breath (07.03)
Breaking off (02.05)
I'd love a key (14.08)
Domestic melodies (03.38)
Spane (05.25)


Short in the UK, CD recorded at The Palace London 1994.
price of cd27

Incus CD27
Short in the U.K.

Recorded at The Place, London in July 1994

Our world as we know it recorded in concert at the Incus Records night.

Painting Pink polka-dot. P40. Pup by Dennis Palmer.

Steve Beresford/Dennis Palmer/Bob Stagner/ Roger Turner
Steve Beresford, keyboards, small trumpet.
Dennis Palmer, synthesizers, voice.
Bob Stagner, drums, percussion.
Roger Turner, drums, percussion.

The pencil - a history (09.04)
Trees without dogs (00.33)
Our world as we know it (05.24)
Name without a street (00.13)
Bulldog eating a wasp [Waspers] (14.42)
Matzoh spectacles [thank you Lol Coxhill] (01.27)
Earthling-a-ding (03.39)
Faster than $ sound (11.23)
Standing on a whale (05.53)
Fearing puffins (05.03)


One Time CD, recorded in Leicester, November 1992.
price of cd15

Incus CD22
One Time

Recorded in Leicester, England in November 1992.

Cover art 'Self portrait' by John Stevens

CD booklet design by Karen Brookman.

John Stevens/Kent Carter/Derek Bailey
John Stevens, drums and mini trumpet.
Kent Carter, bass.

One time (11.560)
U Kent & I (14.15)
Without warning (14.43)
Along the coast (10.00)
Not a dry glass in the house (06.24)
Cheers/tears (03.29)


Respiritus, CD with John Butcher and Vanessa Mackness.
price of cd21

Incus CD21

Tracks 1 to 4, 9 and 10 recorded at the Red Rose Theatre, London on 5 December 1994 by Martin Davidson; tracks 5 to 8 recorded at Pathway on 14 April 1994 by Justin Underhill.

Cover sculpture 'Respiritus' by Richard Mackness; CD booklet design by Karen Brookman.

John Butcher/
Vanessa Mackness
John Butcher, tenor and saxophones.
Vanessa Mackness, voice.

Fallen griefs of weeping willow (11.00)
Dark hawks hear us (02.27)
Turkiss indiene mauves (02.50)
Every telling has a taling (06.04)
My sighs in shockings (03.50)
Wildrose cheeks for poor piccolina (03.20)
I'll lay a few stones on the hostel sheets (05.09)
Sweet swan water (03.15)
Fieldmice balk talk (07.04)
Close only knows (06.11)


The Tony Oxley Quartet CD, recording by WDR Cologne 1992.
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Incus CD15
The Tony Oxley Quartet

Recording by WDR Cologne, 8 April 1992.

Cover painting The singer by Tony Oxley, photographed by Max Lautenschlager.

The Tony Oxley Quartet
Tony Oxley, percussion.
Matt Wand, drum machines & tape switchboard.
Pat Thomas, electronics & keyboard.
Derek Bailey, electric guitar.

Quartet 1 (16.00)
Duo MP (05.03)
Duo TD (13.06)
Quartet 2 (04.49)
Duo TM (08.41)
Duo TP (04.49)
Trio PMD (10.14)
Quartet 3 (05.40)


Solo Guitar volume 2 CD with Derek Bailey on solo guitar..
price of cd11

Incus CD11
Solo Guitar volume 2

Recorded on 22 June 1991 at approximately the times indicated.

Front cover photograph by C.R. Appleyard.

Derek Bailey
Derek Bailey, solo guitar.

Ten 10 (17.08)
Ten 28 (06.33)
Two 50 (06.28)
Two 57 (03.25)
Three (04.04)
Three 05 (02.44)
Three 08 (01.21)


Solo Guitar volume 1 incorporating Incus LP's 2 and 2R, CD with Derek Bailey on solo guitar.
price of cd10

Incus CD10
Solo Guitar volume 1
incorporating Incus LP 2 and Incus LP 2R

'Derek Bailey plays electric guitar plus VCS3 synthesiser on Where is the police?; on Christiani Eddy he plays electric guitar unamplified and on The squirrel and the ricketty-racketty bridge he plays two acoustic guitars at the same time (not double-tracked). The improvisations are on electric guitar.' Recorded February 1971; equipment and recording Hugh Davies and Bob Woolford.

Front cover photograph by Christine Jeffrey.

Derek Bailey
Derek Bailey, solo guitar.
Improvisations 4, 5, 6, and 7 and the three compositions were previously released on Incus LP 2 in 1971. In 1978 the record was re-released as Incus 2R with the improvisations replaced by Improvisations 3, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12. Incus CD10 brings all the material from the two LPs together.

Improvisation 4 (02.02)
Improvisation 5 (07.43)
Improvisation 6 (05.29)
Improvisation 7 (03.10)
Where is the police? [Misha Mengelberg] (08.25)
Christiani Eddy [Willem Breuker] (05.50)
The squirrel and the ricketty-racketty bridge [Gavin Bryars] (06.31)
Improvisation 3 (02.41)
Improvisation 8 (04.19)
Improvisation 9 (01.52)
Improvisation 10 (03.04)
Improvisation 11 (02.16)
Improvisation 12 (03.46)


Figuring CD, with Derek Bailey and Barre Phillips.

Incus CD05

Tracks a and b recorded at the Arts Theatre, London on 12 May 1987 by Michael Gerzon

Tracks c and d recorded at Hawth Centre, Crawley on 4 September 1988 by Michael Gerzon.

Cover drawing by Tony Mostrom.

Derek Bailey/
Barre Phillips
Derek Bailey, guitar.
Barre Phillips, bass.

A: Who's there to know that you passed 'em around (16.01)
B: You'll find my theory is logically sound (16.23)
C: Don't save (10.02)
D: 100 years from today (14.48)


Original Gravity CD recorded by Michael Gerson at Oxford 1988.
price of cd03

Incus CD03
Original Gravity

Recorded by Michael Gerson at the Old Fire Station and the Pegasus Theatre Oxford, on 9 & 11 September 1988.

Tony Bevan/Greg Kingston/Matt Lewis
Tony Bevan, tenor saxophone.
Greg Kingston, guitar, toys, recorder, tapes, etc.
Matt Lewis, percussion, cello drum, bird calls.

1044 degrees - 1050 degrees (05.31)
Normal position (01.11)
First side story (11.37)
Blah blah blah (03.56)
Original gravity (08.43)
Two not three (02.38)
24 hours from Towester (06.29)
The fault [Lies with the manufacturer] (02.30)
Best before end (07.35)


Joseph Holbrooke CD-ROM single. The only issued recording by Joseph Holbrooke.
price of single01

Incus Single01
- CD-ROM -
Joseph Holbrooke '65


The only issued recording by Joseph Holbrooke.

Design and layout by Karen Brookman.

Joseph Holbrooke.
Derek Bailey, guitar.
Gavin Bryars, bass.
Tony Oxley, drums.

A CD Single (10 1/2 mins)
of Joseph Holbrooke.