Catalogue Page 4 : Guitar and Wind Duos

Xylophonen Vituosen CD with Mats Gustafsson and Kim O'Rourke.
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Incus CD38
Xylophonen Vituosen

Recorded by Jeremy Lemos, Acme Studios, Chicago, 23rd September 1999.

Drawing : Hanns Schimansky
Photo : Roland Aalto
Layout design : Karen Brookman

Mats Gustafsson/JimO'Rourke
Mats Gustafsson, tenor sax, fluteophone, flute.
Jim O'Rourke, guitar, junk.

Paging Cyndi (14.32)
Faxing Stina (05.13)
Calling Patti (13.17)
Telexing Jun (09.06)
Smoke Signalling Polly Jean (09.37)


Locational CD with Derek Bailey and Alex Ward.
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Incus CD37

Tracks 1, 2 & 3 recorded January ' 99. Tracks 4 & 5 recorded October ' 98
Track 6 recorded October ' 98
Tracks 1, 2 , 3 recorded by : Toby Hrycek-Robinson.
Track 6 ' LIVE' recorded by : Jean Poore
Produced by : Alex Ward
Photographs & design by : Karen Brookman

Derek Bailey/Alex Ward
Derek Bailey, guitar.
Alex Ward, clarinet.

Studio 1 (5.40)
Studio 2 (4.42)
Studio 3 (6.48)
Domestic 1 (13.20)
Domestic 2 (7.06)
Live (10.40)


Improvised Vancouver CD with Henry Kaiser and John Oswald.
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Incus CD26
Improvised Vancouver

Recorded at the Western Front, Vancouver; tracks 2 and 3 recorded on 7 February 1978; other tracks recorded on 6 May 1996.

Henry Kaiser/John Oswald
Henry Kaiser, electric guitar.
John Oswald, alto saxophone.

Pre-vou (01.21)
Vancouver (17.00)
Vancouverification (38.00)
Acouverstic (02.17)
Vancouverymuch (56.00)


S & M CD with Roger Smith and Neil Metcalfe.
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Incus CD24

Tracks 1-4 recorded in London by Ian Vickers on 22 December 1995.
Track 5 was recorded in concert at the October Gallery, London during the Incus Festival 1995, on November 28 by Martin Davidson.
Tracks 6-10 all recorded by Michael Gerzon at the Hollywell Room, Oxford on 22 October 1995.

Cover designed by Karen Brookman

Roger Smith/Neil Metcalfe
Roger Smith, guitar.
Neil Metcalfe, flute.

Tracks 11-14 all recorded by Martin Davidson in London on 24 July 1995.

Track 15 recorded in London on 26 July 1994 by Ian Vickers.



Ian's flat in December - A (06.20)
Ian's flat in December - B (02.22)
 Ian's flat in December - C (01.12)
Ian's flat in December - D (02.41)
October in November (05.30)
Hollywell in October - A (04.45)
Hollywell in October - B (08.35)
Hollywell in October - C (05.01)
Hollywell in October - D (05.13)
Hollywell in October - E (05.42)
Ian's flat in July - A (07.58)
Ian's flat in July - B (06.44)
Ian's flat in July - C (04.33)
Ian's flat in July - D (04.06)
Neil's flat in the previous July (05.03)


In Memory of Nikki Arane CD with Eugene Chadbourne and John Zorn.
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Incus CD23
In Memory of Nikki Arane

Recorded in the State of New York,1980.

Cover designed by Eugene Chadbourne

Eugene Chadbourne/John Zorn
Eugene Chadbourne: dobro, acoustic Gibson 6 string flat top,Epiphone electric 6 string, selection of hand held microphones.
John Zorn: Bb clarinet, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, game calls, bucket of water, balloons.

In memory of Nikki Arane (12.35)
In memory of Nikki Arane (20.18)
In memory of Nikki Arane (10.48)
In memory of Nikki Arane (18.08)


The Art of Memory CD with John Zorn and Fred Frith.
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Incus CD20
The Art of Memory

Recorded in New York City, late 1993.

Cover designed by Arai Yasunori

John Zorn/Fred Frith
John Zorn, alto saxophone.
Fred Frith, guitar.

The combiner (04.46)
The ladder (05.25)
The chain (04.55)
The field (07.58)
The table (08.44)
The interpreter (05.07)
The tree (04.20)
The fountain and the mirror (04.26)