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For online orders we accept:
PayPal and Credit/Debit Cards (Visa or Mastercard)
. nb. If your card was issued in a country whichdiffers from your
billing address this will causedifficulties with processing your order.

Sterling cheque drawn on a British bank
made payable to Incus Records.
Dollar (U.S.) cheque drawn on a made payable to
Incus Records. International Money Order, P.O. (UK only.)

You may send cash but we advise via registered mail
for added security. Items are individually priced on the
catalogue pages and there is also a simplified text only
PDF CATALOGUE available for download and printing.

To contact by email see CONTACTS
Please send order and payments to
Incus Records,
14 Downs Road, London E5 8DD UK


Compact Discs: £12 or $20
Single CD-ROM: Joseph Holdrooke '65: £6 or $10
Double CD's: £17 or $27

3 cd's

3CD Sets
Iskra 1903 : £24 or $35
Sign of 4 : £20 or £30


DVD's : £12 or $20


Vinyl LP's
£12 or $20
LP07 (7”) £8 or $12

3 cd's

Improvisation; its nature
and practice in music. : £16 or $25
Company Week :£10 or $15
Derek Bailey & The Story of
Free Improvisation : £20 or $30
Intervals; Poems & Words by Musicians :
£8 or $12