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Music & Dance vinyl LP02 with Derel Bailey and Min Tanaka.
Music & Dance origianally issued on cassette 1980

Incus Vinyl LP02
Music & Dance

1980 recording originally issued on cassette and issued on LP in 1997 by TABLE OF THE ELEMENTS by special arrangement with John Fahey's Revenant which had previously issued it on CD.
(Also available from Incus)

Min Tanaka/Derek Bailey
Live at Oscars vinyl LP06 with Steve Noble and Alex Maguire
Live at Oscars issued 1987

Incus Vinyl LP06
Live at Oscars

issued 1987

Steve Noble,
Alex Maguire
1 of XXVII vinyl LP with Derek Bailey and Ben Watson
1 of XXVII rectangle 7 inch LP

Incus Vinyl LP07
1 of XXVII

Rectangle 7"LP.

Derek Bailey, guitar.
Ben Watson, words.


Vinyl LPs in Plain Covers


Biosystem, vinyl LP in plain cover recorded London 1977.

Incus LP24

Spontaneous Music Ensemble
Recorded at Riverside Studios, London 28 June 1977.
Produced by Evan Parker.

John Stevens, percussion and cornet.
Nigel Coombes, violin.
Roger Smith, guitar.
Colin Wood, cello

Biosystem (12.50)
Mystery (06.59)
Saved by the bell (02.14)
Replanted (14.18)
Back to the beginning for the first time (06.45)

Aida vinyl LP in plain cover with Derek Bailey on solo acoustic guitar.
special price

Incus LP40

Track 1 recorded at 'Dunois' Paris on 4 July 1980 by Jean-Marc Foussat.
Tracks 2 and 3 recorded at the ICA London on 3 August 1980 by Adam Skeaping.

'Dedicated to the memory of Aida Akira 1946-1978'.

Derek Bailey
Derek Bailey, solo acoustic guitar

Paris (19.00)
Niigata snow (06.00)
An echo in another's mind (14.00)

Dart Drug vinyl LP in plain cover with Derek bailey and Jamie Muir.
special price

Incus LP41
Dart Drug

Recorded London 1981

also available in CD
Incus CD19
Derek Bailey/Jamie Muir
Derek Bailey, guitar.
Jamie Muir, percussion.