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Incus Videos are currently unavailable but are to be re-issued in DVD format.

Incus DVD01, Playing for Friends on 5th. Street '65 with Derek Bailey
Barcelona Chronicles DVD01

Incus DVD01
Barcelona Chronicles
Live at G's Club

Live solo concert
recorded February 2004

Derek Bailey, solo guitar

Running time 56:00

Previously issued on Incus 2004 “From the Store” CD-R solo guitar series. The complete solo concert is now available on DVD.


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Incus DVD02
Barcelona Chronicles
All Thumbs

The Rooftop Concert
Solo concert
recorded July 2004

Derek Bailey, solo electric guitar

Running time 23:03

Filmed on a hot summer afternoon on a rooftop of a private apartment somewhere in the narrow streets of the Ribera district.

Barcelona Cronicles special offer set
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Incus SP1
Barcelona Chronicles Set
DVD01, DVD02, CD58

All 3 concerts
of 2004 and 2005


DVD01 Derek Bailey, solo guitar
DVD02 Derek Bailey, solo electric guitar
CD58 Derek Bailey, electric guitar
Agusti Fernandez, piano


The British free improvising guitarist Derek Bailey relocated to Barcelona in 2003. During his time in this vibrant city there were numerous musical meetings. These three recordings are released on Incus Records under the umbrella of "The Barcelona Chronicles". These recordings document Derek's new approach to his instrument whilst dealing with the complex and progressive limitations caused by Motor Neurone Disease.

Incus DVD03, Playing for Friends on 5th. Street '65 with Derek Bailey
DVD, Playing for Friends - price

Incus DVDSG02
Playing for Friends on 5th Street '65

Derek Bailey, guitar

Playing for Friends on 5th Street catches free-improv guitar legend Derek Bailey in an intimate concert for about 40 friends and fans on December 29, 2001. The friends - fixtures on the downtown scene - include guitarist Alan Licht, poets Steve Dalachinsky and Yuko Otomo, DMG proprietors Bruce Lee Gallanter and Manny Maris, and Stephanie and the late Irving Stone, to whom Bailey dedicated the video release. It was a casual evening and a casual performance as well. Bailey seems to be working through ideas, finding little nuances and sitting on them, working through suggestions before strolling along other paths. The single-camera footage, focused tightly on the guitarist, is presented with few edits and nicely augmented with various post-production effects: full screen and letterbox, color and warm sepia halftones and stop motion lend to the more-than-front-row intimacy of the video. Bailey is at his best during the 51-minute set, which includes his telling a story about working in a guitar shop in the 1960s (accompanying himself as he does in his much sought-after "chats") and a few moments of traditional playing on the vintage Epiphone hollow-body he bought on Staten Island.

Incus DVD04, MTT Live Performance
DVD, Playing for Friends - price

Incus DVD03
MTT Live Performance

Chief editor and video recording :    Riza Adrian
Online editing : Ruddy Hatumena
Sound recording : Nao Nishihara
Sound reinforcement : Tsutomu Sudo,    MORGUE - sha
Post production sound mixing :    Nasrizal
Lighting design : Ami Tanaka
Stage decorators : Keishi Suzuki,    RAN
Liner notes : Kazue Kobata
Design & layout : Susie Barnes

Special thanks to Dance Hakushu whose generosity of spirit made this release possible.
Min Tanaka dance
Toshinori Kondo electronic trumpet
Toshi Tsuchitori drums & voice

Live performance at Dance Hakushu Forest Stage,
August 18, 2006 Hakushu Town, Yamanashi, Japan.
Running time : 45' 55”
Produced and presented by Dance Resources on Earth & Dance Hakushu 2006 Committee

Incus Records is proud to present this stunning live performance of the MTT trio. The Dance Hakushu Festival in the farming village of Hakushu, 800m high in the mountains of Yamnashi Prefecture is a unique event and this DVD captures these three formidable artists bringing their individual qualities into play to create a dynamic and electrifing whole.