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A useful overview of the first 26 LPs,
can be found in Peter Riley (1979),
    Incus Records, Coda, no. 167, (June 1), pp. 3-8.

•Incus EP1 AMM AMM at the Roundhouse
•Incus 1 Derek Bailey/Han Bennink/Evan Parker Topography of the       lungs
•Incus 2 Derek Bailey Solo Guitar
•Incus 2R Derek Bailey Solo Guitar
•Incus 3/4 Derek Bailey/Barry Guy/Paul Rutherford Iskra 1903
•Incus 5 Evan Parker/Paul Lytton Collective calls
•Incus 6/7 London Jazz Composers' Orchestra Ode
•Incus 8 Tony Oxley/Barry Guy/Dave Holdsworth/Evan Parker/
      Howard Riley/Paul Rutherford/Tony Oxley
•Incus 9 Derek Bailey/Han Bennink Live at Verity's Place
•Incus 10 Kenny Wheeler Song for someone
•Incus 11 Ian Brighton/Radu Malfatti/Frank Perry/Phil Wachsmann/
      Colin Wood Balance
•Incus 12 Derek Bailey Lot 74
•Incus 13 Howard Riley/Barry Guy/Tony Oxley Synopsis
•Incus 14 Evan Parker/Paul Lytton At the Unity Theatre
•Incus 15 Steve Beresford Teatime
•Incus 16 Derek Bailey/Evan Parker The London Concert
•Incus 17 Derek Bailey/Hugh Davies/Jamie Muir/Evan Parker
      Music Improvisation Co. 1968-1971
•Incus 18 Tony Oxley/David Bourne/Ian Brighton/Barry Guy/Phil       Wachsmann February papers
•Incus 19 Evan Parker Saxophone solos
•Incus 20 Derek Bailey/Tristan Honsinger Duo
•Incus 21 Maarten van Altena/Derek Bailey/Tristan Honsinger/
       Evan Parker Company 1
•Incus 22 Barry Guy Statements V-XI
•Incus 23 Derek Bailey/Anthony Braxton/Evan Parker Company 2
•Incus 24 Spontaneous Music Ensemble (Nigel Coombes/Roger       Smith/John Stevens/Colin Wood) Byosystem
•Incus 25 Han Bennink/Derek Bailey Company 3
•Incus 26 Steve Lacy/Derek Bailey Company 4
•Incus 27 Evan Parker Monoceros
•Incus 28 Company 5
•Incus 29 Company 6
•Incus 30 Company 7
•Incus 31 John Russell/Richard Coldman Home cooking/Guitar solos
•Incus 32 Gary Todd/Roger Turner Sunday best
•Incus 33 Paul Burwell/Hugh Davies/Max Eastley/Paul Lovens/Paul       Lytton/Annabel Nicolson/Evan Parker/David Toop Circadian       rhythm
•Incus 34 Derek Bailey/Tony Coe Time
•Incus 35 Evan Parker/George Lewis From saxophone and       trombone
•Incus 36 Company (Derek Bailey/Dave Holland/George Lewis/Evan       Parker) Fables
•Incus 37 Maarten Altena/Derek Bailey/Barry Guy/George       Lewis/Paul Lovens/Paul Lytton/Evan Parker/Paul       Rutherford/Giancarlo Schiaffini/Phil Wachsmann Pisa 1980       improvisors' symposium
•Incus 38 Company (Derek Bailey/Steve Beresford/Lol Coxhill/Ian       Croall/Misha Mengelberg)Fictions
•Incus 39 Evan Parker Six of one
•Incus 40 Derek Bailey Aida
•Incus 41 Derek Bailey/Jamie Muir Dart drug
•Incus 42 Evan Parker/Barry Guy/Paul Lytton Tracks
•Incus 43 Derek Bailey/Anthony Braxton Royal vol. 1
•Incus 44 Allocated to Royal vol. 2 but session never  released.
•Incus 45 Evan Parker/Barry Guy/George Lewis/Paul Lytton Hook,       Drift and Shuffle
•Incus 46/47 Company Epiphany/Epiphanies
•Incus 48 Derek Bailey Notes
•Incus 49 Evan Parker The snake decides
•Incus 50 Derek Bailey/Evan Parker Compatibles
•Incus 51 Company Trios
•Incus 52 Steve Noble/Alex Maguire Live at Oscars.

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